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Baptism is a Sacrament, a gift from God. It is the first Sacrament in our faith journey and makes us a member of the family of God. 

If you have a child you wish to have Baptised in St. John's then please contact the parish office and speak with someone who will register your interest. 

You will be asked to complete a short Baptism preparation course, which consists of attending a prepartory meeting held in the church and a 'Welcome' Mass.  You are also invited to attend weekly Mass.

Our Baptism Preparation course is co-ordinated by Fr. Erasmus and Anne Shepherd. If you have any questions, you can ring the parish office or speak with them personally after the weekend Masses. 

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Our  Baptism preparation course is meant to be an introduction to your child's faith journey, 
and the commitment this entails. 

We aim to keep the class to 1 hour. Weekend Mass times can be found in the newsletter. Sunday morning
Masses include Litergy of the Word for Children (an age appropriate explanation of the Word of God) in the
Side Chapel during Mass. 

While Baptism itself is free, we ask for a  small donation of £20 per family to cover the cost 
of Baptism certificates, candles etc. 

We ask that you don't hire professional photographers or videotakers to record your child's Baptism as 
their equipment can get in the way of the ceremony, however, family photographs are welcomed.
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