Meet The Parish Team-Test Page

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Fr Roy Cooper

Parish Priest

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Sr. Maureen McNally CP

Parish Sister

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Sr. Edith Culliton CP

Parish Sister

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Anne Shepherd

Family Catechesis  


Here are some other people that work in our church:                                           

Chidren's Liturgy Teams:  Clare Potter, Pat O'Neill, Jack Larway, Lynsey McArdle, Anne Shepherd, Marion Simpson and Sr. Maureen CP.

Safeguarding Officers: Clare Potter and Anita Johnson    


First Aider: Clare Potter                                                                                   


Piety Stall: Mary McArdle


Flowers: Clare Potter


There are many other people who are too many to mention such as Eucharistic Ministers, Ministers of the Word, Collectors, Counters, Cleaners, and Greeters. Our thanks go to everyone who helps provide a service to the community and of course, our doors are always open if you wish to volunteer for anything. Just ask Fr. Roy. 

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Picture Gallery

A Selection Of Our 

Stained Glass Windows

Some Internal Views

 Of Our Church